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Like a Burlesque nightmare only less tasteful

Miss Behave
26 April 1971
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Like a goth only more Harry Potter.

What day is it? Where am I? What year is this? Who is the president?


alan cumming, alison goldfrapp, anthony kiedis, applecatchers, bad geisha, being a secretary, being bendy, being bossy, being cheeky, bettie page, big boots, bitch-slapping, blackpool, boygerms, bruce almighty, cock off, coffee, diy, dressing up, drew barrymore, even more pants, falsifying statistics, fenris, flicking the v's, ford anglias, ford ka, gay car, going cross eyed, goldfrapp, hollywood steve, iggy pop, ignoring attention whores, jack white, julie newmar, ka, kidneycrushers, kiss my vegan arse, kylie, licking chocolate jesus, lobo, mae west, mk1 ford cortinas, more pants, my little corsa, my name is earl, my rubbish boyfriend, pants, paul, pigeon fanciers weekend, pwetty dwess, raily otter, rate my pigeon, rate my woodlouse, remember lemon, samuel l jackson, snogging for ages, snoooooooooop, sparkly things, steve carell, stroking, tank girl, that thong-th-thong-thong-thong, the high life, the muffs, the pixies, tiaras, vodka, wanking with kath, wearing a pinny, weezer, white stripes, world's worst boyfriend, wriggling, y0 ass